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How to sharpen Japanese Shears & Scissors

Welcome to the original PRO-SHARP Shear Sharpening School offered by Matthew Biagi. This information is for those who are looking to have their own business with minimal investment. This includes the training and equipment you will need to get started and one-on-one personal training with Matthew Biagi one of the foremost leaders in shear sharpening training. Matt has been training for nearly 30 years and recently formed a relationship with one of the finest shear manufactures today, Sakura Japan LLC.

Training Program

Our training program is one of proven success for literally hundreds of sharpeners for nearly 30 years. Many others have tried to duplicate our success and equipment but with only limited success. We still stand alone as the original manufacture of the PRO-SHARP 200-PLUS sharpening machine and our exclusive training program that has proven to be the answer for so many who have desired to learn from the best when it comes to shear sharpening training. You can be assured that you will get the best training possible during the course and additional continual assistance as you get started in your shear sharpening business. Our course offers a low start up cost that allows you to get all of your training and required equipment you need without any additional hidden costs.

To understand the business, you must first understand that high quality shears are truly unique. These shears cannot be sharpened with the normal sharpening equipment that is available to the sharpening industry.

Honing VS. Grinding

Our customers shears are honed (Lapped) not ground!

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • "Hone: to sharpen with a whetstone which is able to produce a razor sharp cutting edge.
  •  Lapping: to dress, smooth, or polish (as a metal surface) to a high degree of refinement or accuracy
  • Grinding: to wear down or sharpen by friction, also to weaken or destroy gradually."


Many off-the-shelf and even professional sharpeners use a grinding wheel to sharpen anything from Axes, Machettes, Kitchen Knives, Pocket Knives, Scissors, and even Fine Shears. Grinding wheels are made of stone and depending on the application will vary in coarseness.

Bench Grinder      
Image of a scissors grinder

They all have one thing in common, they grind away metal. Each time an instrument is ground it greatly reduces its life span. Grinding also produces heat. Excessive heat will cause the metal to loose its strength and not hold a sharp edge. Unfortunately this is easy to do, grinding wheels turn at such a high rate of speed that you will usually find a cup of water next to the grinding wheel to dunk and cool off the metal.

Pro-Sharp 200-Plus Honing



Honing or lapping (sharpening by polishing) uses a much slower rotating disk. If you have ever felt car polish between your fingers it is a fine power suspended in a liquid or paste. Polish is so fine that it removes the upper layer of oxidization to bring out the shine without wearing through the paint.

That same care is taken on our customers shears! The lapping Film is 3M's premium micron graded mineral particles for producing a super-fine, super-consistent finish.

Shears sharpen this way may last you a lifetime.

Honing Disk

Professional styling scissors have become sophisticated instruments of exacting precision and unique quality that normally makes shears cost in excess of $200.00. These high quality shears are used by the majority of all stylists today. Most stylists have not one shear, but rather many, including their own personal collection of shears to perform their job. Most stylists consider themselves artists and like most artists they dont just have one brush to do their work. It is not uncommon for stylists to sharpen their shears every 3 to 6 months. However, the majority of sharpeners, even those who sharpen medical equipment simply do not have the equipment or know the special techniques needed to sharpen salon shears. This is why a trained sharpener for the salon industry has the unique opportunity create a successful business. Why because the service of sharpening high quality shears normally costs from $25-$35 per scissor. The experienced sharpener should easily be able to perform this task in less then 15 minutes.

Take a look your local phone book under Beauty Salons. Each, salon often have as many as 10 stylists, some salons more and others less. When you consider of the amount of of salons in your area and the shears that each stylist has, it is easy to figure out that there is a tremendous opportunity in sharpening salon shears.

Now imagine that you knew a way to make thousands of dollars per month working whenever you wanted and satisfying customers needs. No doubt this would be a secret you would not want others to know about. For this reason the method of correctly sharpening shears has been a guarded trade secret for so long.

Satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit. Start your own high quality shear sharpening business.

The very fact that you are reading this information tells me that you want to be in business for yourself and probably have what it takes to be your own boss. I believe that anyone who wants to have their own successful high quality shear sharpening business can see that dream come true. We believe in the free enterprise system, and will do our best to provide you with the equipment, training and continued support to make you a success in the shear sharpening business.

Whether you want to start this business as your primary source of income, or as a part-time enterprise, I will work with you to get you started. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that this company has what it takes for you to be a success in this business.

What makes hair-cutting shears (scissors) so special?

No matter where you may live, you will find that stylists use high quality shears as the primary tool for cutting hair. These shears have become more sophisticated then ever before with precision high quality blades. These shears normally cost in excess of $200.00 and can easily run as high as $500.00 or more.

It is no surprise that such expensive tools need to be sharpened by only a qualified sharpener that is an expert in his field. That is why you should not consider sharpening shears unless you have the right training and equipment. For a successful shear sharpening business there are no short cuts. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking they can teach you what it takes with a video or a one-day training class. There is simply too much to learn.

Most every dollar earned is pure profit. Start with a minimal investment and overhead.

One thing is certain. What has made this business truly desirable for so many is that it is a business that has an exceptionally low start up cost with an unbelievable amount of possible return on that investment. With no rent to pay, no special van or vehicle needed, you can simply get started right away after your training. In addition your on-going business expenses are exceptionally minimal.

With the PRO-SHARP HONE, you can provide sharpening services for any industry scissors. This could include beauty salons, barbershops, beauty and barber schools, pet grooming, florists, tailors, drapery shops, and medical offices. However, make no mistake the vast majority of our graduates are so busy within the beauty industry that they have little time to pursue sharpening other types of scissors.

For over 20 years I personally have manufactured the PRO-SHARP HONE. This machine is going to fully be supported by its original maker and the supplies needed to continue your business. This machine is the original high quality extra durable equipment that was originally designed for our factory use, so it is of high industrial grade. Although, many have copied the machine over the years, make no mistake, this is the original, and you should settle for only the best, and take no substitutions.

Prepare yourself to make money from day one. Even if you have never sharpened a single thing in your life, you can become an expert shear sharpener. Each 3 day class session is scheduled to fit your personal needs and at a time that is most convenient to your schedule. I, Matthew Biagi, will train you personally and give you my full attention. Do not be fooled into training classes that offer training with more then one student. Your special needs must be taken into consideration on a one-on-one basis and you should not take a training class with multiple individuals. It will not fit your personal needs. Your personal class will be at a comfortable pace taking into consideration your own abilities. It is my personal goal to make you the very best you can be. I take much pleasure in knowing that I have personally trained hundreds of successful sharpeners. Many of who are still successful in the business for over 20 years and have become master shear sharpeners and leaders in the industry.


This is the equipment that has helped make so many of the most successful shear sharpeners in the industry today. This machine is built for the professional and those who demand proven quality that has stood longer then any of its competitors. Your machine requires no special maintenance. If properly taken care of should last in excess of 10 years.

This machine uses state of the art micro finishing film and lapping film. This film is readily available by many distributors today. This unique technique allows you to literally make hundreds of dollars with very little cost. The average sharpening disc costs only $1.25 and can be used to sharpen normally around one to two dozen shears.

Imagine having the equipment and training that will allow you to make over $100.00 per hour. Yes, you can sharpen high quality Japanese style scissors in less then 15 minutes and guarantee your work 100%.

The PRO-SHARP 200-PLUS comes with a special clamp designed by Jim Barnes the original factory engineer at Pro Sharp Scissor Manufacturing. This clamp allows you to sharpen both convex and beveled edge shears with exacting precision every time.

Your Shear Class Will Include The Following Topics

One sharpening technique will not work for all shears. Here are a few highlights of our course:

To be a qualified sharpener you will learn:

  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with convex edges.
  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with sword blade edges.
  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with beveled edges.
  • Japanese style razor sharp shears with k type edges.
  • European style shears.
  • Left-handed shears.
  • Thinning shears.
  • Texturizing or Notching Shears.
  • Testing shear sharpness.
  • Identify cutting problems, like hair pushing and folding, etc.
  • Installing bumpers or silencers.
  • Servicing the horseshoe ride and blade ride lines just like the factory.
  • Fine polishing cutting edges.
  • Shear balancing.
  • Shear setting.
Take advantage of our business direction and guidance.

Your sharpening course of 3 days will additionally include such topics as:

  • How to successfully sell scissors.
  • Sharpening business procedures.
  • How to make big money from beauty schools.
  • Working your territory efficiently.
  • Setting up a proper route.
  • Proper presentation of your services.
  • Working the salon for maximum profits and how to present yourself.
  • Presenting lectures at beauty school.

After successful completion of this course, you will have the necessary knowledge to become a member of the National Shear Sharpeners Guild. Entrance to this guild is a prestigious honor. As a member of the guild, you will be able to fellowship with some of the most accomplished shear sharpeners and scissor companies in the industry.

Class Tuition of $4995.00 Includes:

The PRO-SHARP 200-PLUS sharpening machine with all of the accessories in the table below. During the course, all sharpening materials and shears will be provided to you at no additional cost.

We will provide transportation to and from the airport and from the hotel to the training center daily. Each day you will be picked up at 8:30 am and return to your hotel at 5:00 pm. The class tuition will also include the cost of the hotel, less hotel movies or telephone calls. A daily noon meal will be provided free of charge.

Getting Started :

In order to be trained, you must schedule your training dates with me personally. Training days can include any three days Monday to Saturday. Simply give me a call at your earliest opportunity. We can discuss what days are best for you. Once we have agreed upon the dates, there will be a $500.00 deposit to reserve those days. Final balance will be due on the first day of training by way of either a credit card or cashiers check. Sorry, no personal checks are allowed for final payment. For any additional questions, please give me a call. I want you to be sure that you have made the right choice in obtaining the best possible training available for you to become the next shear expert in the industry. I want you to have a successful sharpening business for many years to come. This is what makes my business successful, for you to be successful.

Your Training Course Equipment Includes:




As a special bonus to our graduates, upon completion of your course you have the opportunity to purchase $2,000.00 worth of salon scissors for only $900.00 and become a distributor of our shears.

Knife Sharpening to satisfy a master chief.

Learn how to sharpen like a professional and for the professionals. Fast and easy learn how to add extra income to your sharpening business. This half day training course is an additional $400.00. The equipment needed is an additional $350.00 for one machine and $250.00 for the second optional machine.

Clipper Blade sharpening:

To give your sharpening service an added bonus, sharpening clippers may be just the answer. Learn how to sharpen clipper blades like the pros. Many people say they know how to sharpen clipper blades but simply do not have the proper training or equipment. Matthew suggests the Nebraska Blades clipper sharpening machine. This machine comes complete with accessories for the price of $1495.00.

For an additional $650.00 you will learn hands on how to sharpen clipper blades during a one day training class. You will also receive an instructional DVD and a separate DVD on how to repair clippers. We also suggest with the purchase of the machine the demagnetizer for an additional $99.00. (See complete list of Clipper Blade Sharpening equipment.)

Cuticle Nipper sharpening:

Matthew has extensive experience in cuticle nipper remanufacturing and sharpening. Learn a system that allows you to sharpen like the factory. Dont be fooled by those that claim they have a machine or system that works. No one offering instruction has the experience that Matthew has in this aspect of sharpening. Equipment $250.00 and one day course is an additional $800.00.


In the early 1980s the engineers of a small scissor manufacturing company in Houston Texas developed a unique sharpening machine that truly revolutionized the industry. Or should we say, this machine would forever change the industry and the industry would never be the same. Jim Barnes, a close associate of mine, and I worked together on this first portable honing machine to sharpen high quality shears. This machine was unique because it allowed the sharpener to sharpen high quality shears on site as if they had been serviced directly by a factory in Japan. This machine quickly sharpened shears better than any other machine that had been developed. For this reason, many have attempted to copy the machine, but none have had the original success of the PRO-SHARP 200-PLUS machine.

After the machine was thoroughly tested in our factory we made some goals that made our company uniquely different. We set out to do the following:

  1. Train others who had an entrepreneurial spirit the secrets of the shear sharpening industry.
  2. Give these individuals the opportunity to carry a line of high quality shears that would allow them to make money in addition to their sharpening business.

Our goal was to create the largest network of qualified shear experts in the industry. These sharpeners would become the leaders in the industry, and change the way shears were sold and serviced forever. With no surprise, after 20 years, I can truly say that the plan worked and now more shears are sold and serviced by sharpeners then probably any other means in the industry. It should come as no surprise, that you have discovered one of the most successful shear training programs offered in the industry and by one of the most highly respected trainers. It is my personal goal to make you the best you can be and for this reason I ask that you consider the following information carefully.


Matthew Biagi


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